RE/MAX Broker Leverages Real Estate Mapping Software to Grow Business

The Company & Goal

A RE/MAX real estate agent was looking to get a strategic advantage over competitors.

The Company

Real Estate Maximums, or RE/MAX, is an international real estate company that operates in nearly 100 countries. RE/MAX is viewed as the No. 1 brand in real estate and has inspired over 100,000 brokers to pursue their own real estate success. One such real estate broker is Juan Irala y Hernández, who opened his own RE/MAX office in Uruguay in 2012.

The Goal

When opening his office, Juan’s goal was to become the top realtor in his region. Because deep comparative real estate market research is limited in his area, he saw this as an opportunity to gain a strategic advantage over his competitors. To reach his goal, Juan needed a way to better compare and visualize properties that would impress his clients and help him sell more property.
“…I wanted to visualize the information very quickly because we’re in real estate…it’s much easier to see it (property) in a map.”

The Challenge

Without access to the MLS, Juan needed greater insight into properties and prices.
In Uruguay, real estate brokers don’t have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) like U.S. and Canadian brokers do. The MLS is a suite of services that provides brokers with accumulated market information and allows them to see competitors’ property listings. The MLS provides other benefits, including:
  • Giving real estate agents more exposure.
  • Providing opportunities for agents to work with competing agents to assist sellers and help buyers find the right property for them.
Without the MLS, Juan needed a way to do a deeper analysis of his properties and compare prices. More so, he wanted a way to actually map out and visualize properties when speaking with clients.

The Solution

With Mapline’s enterprise account, Juan was able to do deeper property analyses and make more strategic real estate decisions.
Wanting to get a leg up on his competition immediately after opening his office, Juan started shopping for a property mapping application that would allow him to analyze the real estate market and map his properties for clients to see. The most flexible and user friendly solution was Mapline’s real estate mapping software. With Mapline’s property mapping capability, Juan was able to take a deeper dive into the local real estate market and upload his database to create clean and visually appealing property maps.
However, to really hit his business goals, Juan needed more. Once he upgraded to Mapline’s enterprise account in 2014, Juan was able to leverage more visualizations, deeper fact-driven analyses, and greater team collaboration for increased business results:
  • Detailed Property Analyses with Segments and Shapes
    The ability to add segments to his maps allows Juan to focus on certain real estate areas with clients, showing them where the high demand and high value markets are located. In addition, he can create segments and draw shapes in order to view and share very specific property data on his maps, making it easier to communicate and show clients hotspot areas and property prices.
  • More Fact-Driven Decisions with Mapline Features
    Features like segments, shapes, and heat maps have made Juan’s real estate discussions with clients more fact driven. With access to detailed property information, he can now show clients the local hot spots and what properties are in smaller demand. With these capabilities, Juan has been able to do more complex real estate property mapping analyses that he can share with clients to make smarter selling decisions.
  • Greater Team Collaboration for More Strategic Business Decisions
    Juan currently collaborates with nine colleagues on 24 maps and 25 datasets in Mapline. Instead of trying to manually work in Excel spreadsheets, Mapline’s real estate mapping tool automatically updates data from Juan’s database. He can share the information with his team in real time, allowing them to do more collaborative analyses and make better decisions on real estate properties.

“Using Mapline and my CRM, I am able to get a very complex, very deep and profound analysis that when I meet with clients, it’s just a wow factor. By showing them that, it makes the impression very distinct with the client and helps me then get those clients and make the sales.”

The Results

Juan has seen a 50% increase in business growth YOY since purchasing Mapline.
No other real estate office in Juan’s region is using real estate mapping software, giving Juan a strategic advantage in the market. Since incorporating Mapline into his real estate strategy and upgrading to an enterprise account in 2014, Juan has seen a 50 percent increase in business growth year over year. Without the advantages of his enterprise account, Juan wouldn’t be able to see the real estate success he’s continuing to have.