Delivery and Distributor Mapping

Map Wholesalers, Distribution Routes and More with Mapline

For a distributor mapping solution that saves time and can make your job much easier, Mapline’s GIS mapping software offers features that can shave hours off the task of balancing distributor routes. If you’re currently using a tool that only allows you to view single addresses at any given time, or especially if your process is a manual one, you’ll be excited to learn how Mapline can bring clarity to your operations.

Visualizing the Bigger Picture with Mapline’s Distributor Mapping

When you create a map from Excel data with Mapline, you can view great quantities of data in an easily digestible format within seconds. This is especially useful for manufacturers and distributors to work on creating the most optimal routes for getting products to end users.

Upload your list of distribution centers or drivers along with destination addresses, whether individual customers or retail store locations. You’ll then be able to see different colored pins for each type of location. Using the network coverage feature is one way to get a quick and clear picture of how many customers are located within the specified radius of each driver or distribution center.

Color Coding for Wholesale Distribution Mapping

Many decisions on routing can be made easily based on network coverage. For those instances that are more nuanced, such as if the radius of two distribution centers overlaps, you can add color coding for each driver and route to clarify further. For regularly scheduled deliveries, you’re able to dig deeper and create a symbol or numbering system to designate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or other regular schedules.

To streamline your mapping process into a simple visual format, check out Mapline’s features and pricing to decide on the best plan for you. You can also contact us with any questions about how our mapping software can work for you.

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Sales Territory Mapping Software

Streamline Delivery and Distribution Routing with Customized Sales Territory Mapping

Are you looking for an easier way to visualize where your clients, prospects and sales rep territories are located? If you’re looking for a solution, Mapline’s sales territory mapping tool lets you see the big picture. Rather than mapping each individual address, you can upload your Excel spreadsheet and populate a map with all of your data instantly.

Measure Performance and Workload

Seeing the locations where your customers are concentrated all in one place can be eye opening. With your data in a visual format, it’s much easier to draw conclusions about which areas (and potentially which sales reps) are performing the best and which could use additional attention.

It also becomes clear when one rep may be overwhelmed. If there’s a location where pins are clustered much more densely than others, it could help you determine when it’s time to hire new reps to take on some of the extra load.

Using Territory Overlays and Sublayers for Sales Distribution

In addition to plotting pins on your map, you can use Mapline’s territory overlays and heat maps to get a clear visual representation of where the most activity is occurring among reps. You can use a territory overlay to:

  • View locations based on zip code, county, Designated Marketing Area or other criteria
  • Draw custom shapes around territories specific to your company
  • Generate a report of all your customers within a territory so you can easily compare accounts and values

You can also use sublayers to color code your pins based on rep name. This allows you to view the overall picture of all your clients with each pin colored to correspond to a particular sales rep. Use mapping tool features like this to determine if your assignments make sense – for example, does one rep have more accounts than another? Is there a client who would be better served by a different rep who is based close to the client’s location? You can gain insights like these when you use Mapline’s sales territory mapping tool to analyze your sales map routing.

If you’re looking for sales territory mapping software that will contribute significantly to your ability to manage your team and save time, Mapline is your solution.

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Retail Store Mapping

As a retailer, it’s important to stay on top of a lot of factors. You’re looking for the latest information on customer behavior, trends in your area of focus, competitor marketing tactics and more. When it comes to physical store locations, wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to visualize your stores in relation to competitors and other considerations?

Business Mapping Software to Spot the Competition

With Mapline’s retail mapping software, you know exactly where your competitors are and can see their locations in relation to yours. This can be extremely useful, especially when considering retail site selection. How near to your competition do you want to be located? How far away from their sites can you afford to be? Using Mapline’s Data Sets, you have access to locations of thousands of businesses, enabling you to plot and view where multiple competing stores are.

Identifying Surrounding Retail Businesses

In addition to competitors, Data Sets can be useful for determining what types of locations your stores might thrive in. Are there certain stores your customers tend to frequent in tandem with yours? Store mapping allows you to easily judge which other areas may be good fits for your retail site selection. You can see where the nearest grocery stores are located or if fast food, banking or other services are nearby your potential site.

Retail Site Selection Based on Your Own Locations

While new branches are often crucial to success, it’s also necessary to avoid cannibalizing your own business. With Mapline, you can plot your own already existing store locations while you analyze proposed new spaces. If you’ve collected zip code information from your current customers, this can also be extremely useful in discovering how far customers are willing to travel to visit your stores, as well as which products or services they purchase while visiting specific locations. With Mapline’s zip code mapping feature, you can visualize where your customers are coming from and factor that information into your decision to open new stores.

Ready to get started? Check out Mapline’s pricing plans to choose the features that fit your needs.

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