Custom Real Estate Maps

Creating Real Estate Maps from Excel Data

Mapline’s commercial real estate mapping tools allow you to display locations of homes listed by your agency along with plenty of other information about each property. Simply upload your spreadsheet containing all the listing information and get an instant map that plots all your locations with pins.

You’re able to share your map with all your agents and clients so that everyone can view the data. By clicking on a pin, as long as you’ve included listing price, square footage, and any other features of the home in your spreadsheet, you can see this information right away. If not sharing with clients, consider adding notes to pins so that you can remember which features individual clients liked or disliked about each property.

Customizing Real Estate Maps

With real estate mapping software, you can get a personalized view of all the houses you may need to show. Options you can take advantage of with Mapline include the ability to:

  • upload a photo of the property to use as your pin to help jog your memory
  • plot clients’ work addresses or other important locations and use the network coverage feature to only show properties within a specified radius of those locations
  • color code pins to group property features together, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms or price range
  • draw custom shapes on your map if clients have specific neighborhood preferences that don’t fit within existing zip code boundaries

You’re also able to embed your map of properties on your website so that your listings are easily available for your clients to view as well. To really personalize your client experience, create a map for each client with only their top home choices visible.

Using GIS for real estate puts you a step ahead of your competitors. Find out more about how Mapline can help you develop a visual representation of your property listings for a streamlined workflow and better experience for your clients. Choose a plan and get started today.