Mapline XML Data Feed Documentation

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Mapline data feed will accept files in XML format. The sample XML file that needs to be generated for data feed is described below. See our XML Data Feed page for instructions on getting setup with an automated feed.

Sample XML Format

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='us-ascii'?>
							<dataset_headers>Name|Address|City|State|Postal Code|Type of Customer</dataset_headers>
									<dataset_data_row>Jim|836 Freedom Blvd|Chicago|Illinois|60423|Grow</dataset_data_row>
									<dataset_data_row>Sally|1284 Jefferson Street|Joliet|Nebraska|45621|Grow</dataset_data_row>
									<dataset_data_row>Mike|827 S US 43|Aubrey|Texas|84025|Support</dataset_data_row>
									<dataset_data_row>John|342 North Drive|Frankfort|Colorado|75642|Cooperative</dataset_data_row>

Feed XML Tags

The following tags are required in your XML feed file.
XML TagRequiredDescription
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='us-ascii'?>requiredThis tag is required at the beginning of your XML file.
<feed_api_key>requiredThis tag value is used to authenticate the feed files. The value will be unique to each account and will be provided by Mapline’s support team. You may Contact Us to request a Feed API Key. The user needs to add the Feed API Key value in the XML feed file.
<datasets>requiredThis tag holds various data sets in a single feed file.
<dataset>requiredThis tag holds the data set information.
<dataset_name>requiredThis tag holds the data set name.
<dataset_delimiter>requiredThis tag holds the separator for data fields or columns which is used in the <dataset_headers> and <dataset_data_row> values.
<dataset_headers>requiredThis tag holds the headers of the data set. Headers should be separated by the delimiter you provided in the <dataset_delimiter> tag.
<dataset_data_rows>requiredThis tag holds the various data set rows for the respective dataset.
<dataset_data_row>requiredThis tag holds each data row from the data set. Each value will be separated by the delimiter you provided in the <dataset_delimiter> tag. The number of values should always match the number of headers provided. For null values, provide a blank value separated by the delimiter.