What does the error message “Locations not Found” mean?

As you build your map, you may have locations that aren’t processed due to incorrect or insufficient data or headers. They may also be appearing in the wrong location. If you have issues with all your locations, then it is likely you forgot to include the Excel spreadsheet headers when you pasted your data. Check your headers to make sure they are recognized by Mapline. If only a few locations are in the wrong place, then it is likely that we couldn’t recognize an address when we tried to process it. So, we mark the error locations so you can fix them:
  1. Login to Mapline.
  2. Click “Datasets.”
  3. Click on the dataset with the errors. All locations with errors will be highlighted in red.
  4. Edit the address information.
  5. Mapline will attempt to reprocess it once you edit the address.