What's possible with Mapline's API?

With Mapline's API, you can create datasets and build maps. Once the maps are created you can customize them with dataset filters, and you can share them with your team or embed them on a website. After the maps are how you want them, you can update the datasets any time new data needs to be applied, and you can do all of this without having to leave your internal system.

Why should I use Mapline's API?

The benefits of using an API are endless. The main benefit is being able to utilize the Mapline application without having to leave your own. So instead of having to learn a new interface (ours is pretty simple), everything can be done in a program that you are already familiar with.

How do I get set up on an API?

The first step is to make sure your system is able to accept Mapline's Documentation for the API. Not sure? Contact your IT or someone familiar with your system. If that is possible, then all you need is an API Plan. Make sure you select the plan that has the right number of calls for your needs. Once you've signed up, then just get your API key and you're ready to go. If you are unfamiliar with APIs, let us know if you have questions.

Use an API to integrate mapping into your internal systems.

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