See Your Territories in a New Light with Color-Coded Maps

Create a Territory Map to Visualize Sales Boundaries

Every map tells a story. And when you create a color code map, you visualize your data for an easy-to-read experience—whether you’re analyzing territories for your sales team or assessing trends across a competitor’s region. Get started building a color-coded U.S. map today.

Customize your territories

Customizing your map so you can view your territories the way you want to has never been easier. Choose different colors to represent geographical boundaries and values to create a custom color-coded map.

Focus your attention on the right territories

Looking at hundreds of pins across an entire country gets overwhelming. By assigning colors to different areas, you can focus your attention on the territories you want to review and tell a stronger story about your territory performance.

Distinguish between territory boundaries

A color-coded map does more than just look pretty. By assigning different colors to your territories, you can more easily distinguish boundaries and get a better look at how one territory is performing compared to another.

Get fresh ideas, trends, and insights

Everything just looks better in color. Color-coding different areas on your map helps you view your territories in a new way so you can identify trends and come up with fresh ways to improve sales performance. Ready to create a color-coded map for yourself? See how color-coding your territories can lead to new and empowering insights.
Explore Our Other Features
Want to know what else you can do beyond color-coding your territories? Check out our other features: Mapline offers a wide range of territory boundaries which can be added to your color coded map. Check out Mapline’s Available Territories to see what is offered as well as step-by-step instructions on how you can add them to your map or build heat maps with territory colors.

Create custom territories in seconds!