Create Maps with Custom and Colored Map Pins

Plot Multiple Pins on a Map with Mapline

Organize Your Locations with Custom Map Pins

Once you have your pins on a map, you can easily customize map pins. Different colored map pins can help you visualize a data set of customers and sales managers or retail stores and distribution centers. Segment your data even further by creating custom map pins based on different shapes, colors, interior stamps, and sizes. Doing this gives you endless opportunity to view your data in multiple ways so that you can find patterns and outliers.

Segment Your Map Data How You Want

Create visual segmentations of your data by customizing your pins based on shapes, colors, interior stamps, sizes, and more. With Mapline’s pins and segments, you get more control over how you view and analyze your data.

Identify Trends and Patterns with Pins on a Map

Using custom and colored map pins, you can view your data in multiple ways. This lets you quickly and easily identify trends for more strategic business decisions.

Take Custom Map Pins to the Next Level with Location Bubbles

Location bubbles let you add detailed location information to your map—think contact names, sales data, website information, and much more! Access these map pin descriptions right at your fingertips, instead of toggling between a map and a spreadsheet. With location bubbles, you’ll tell a better, stronger story.
Differentiate your data to know what’s what
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