Tell a Better Story When You Embed a Map on Your Site

Create a Website Map for Increased Visibility

Maps aren’t just for directions anymore—they can help visualize trends, analyze data, and improve decisions at almost any level of business. Creating a website map is also a powerful way to tell your story to the right audience. Mapline makes it easy to embed a map on your website. Learn how to create a website map in just a few clicks.

Add More Visual Detail to Your Webpages

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? A map of your data adds more detail to your website in a visually appealing way, working to enhance the messaging on your pages.

Share Your Map with the Public

When you embed a map, you’re sharing it with colleagues, customers, and the public. This lets you give your target audience more visibility into your data in a quick, easily digestible way.

Embedded Maps Online Help Increase Collaboration

Maps are useful tools when you’re planning distribution routes or new store locations. Create a website map for coworkers so you can get feedback and foster greater collaboration with your team.

Influence Important Business Decisions

Do you have to decide the best location to expand your business? Visualize your data with maps and embed them where needed to support your decision. Let your maps do the talking for you!

Embed a Map to Let Customers Know Where You Are

Does your business have one or more store front locations? Mapline’s store locator maps give you the power to embed personalized, visual maps on your website to easily direct more customers to your business. Build credibility and grow your business when you embed a map with Mapline.
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