The Excel Add-In Just Made Life Easier

Map Excel data the easy way without ever having to leave Excel.

Turn Excel data into maps quickly and efficiently—all without having to toggle between applications or switch screens. With Mapline’s Excel map add-in for Windows, you can add all your maps to your Excel files in just a few clicks. It’s really that simple.

No more jumping between applications

Say goodbye to multiple computer screens and having to toggle between two applications. The Excel map add-in for Windows lets you update all your maps and data sets together within your Excel spreadsheets.

Upload your data without leaving Excel

Jumping between applications can be a headache. Fortunately, Mapline provides two options to upload your data: copy and paste from Excel, or use the Excel mapping add-in. By using the Excel map add-in, you can update your maps and data sets without ever having to leave Excel. All you need to do is download the add-in and you’re good to go. As you make your changes, you’re just a couple of clicks away from an updated map. Think of all the time you save when you map Excel data with Mapline.

Save time and stay organized with the Excel Add-In

Once you have the add-in downloaded, you’re ready to roll and start Excel mapping! You can keep all your maps and information in one application, allowing you to work faster and stay more efficient and organized.
Don’t wait to start utilizing the Excel Add-in for Windows to make maps faster and easier.
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