Create a Map with Multiple Locations

Streamline processes when you map addresses from Excel.

Plotting multiple addresses on a map is easy with Mapline. When you map addresses from Excel, you can gain visual insight into multiple geographic locations, optimize sales and marketing teams, and transform the way you grow your business. Start leveraging Mapline’s multiple location mapping tools today!

Analyze multiple addresses together

No longer will you have to review locations one at a time. Visualize multiple locations and search for geographic trends and insights by mapping addresses from Excel—all at once! Generate your map with a simple copy and paste from an Excel spreadsheet. That’s all it takes.

Turn your Excel data into an easy-to-read map

Analyzing locations from an Excel spreadsheet is tedious and time consuming. Rows and columns can blur together, creating inefficiencies and room for error. When you map addresses from Excel using Mapline’s visualization tools, you create an eye-catching, easy-to-read map. That means you spend less time scrolling through spreadsheets and more time finding growth opportunities.

Empower your entire business

Mapping multiple addresses from Excel at once does more than make it easy to visualize your data. It empowers your marketing and sales teams, business analysts, and operations personnel to streamline their processes and move your business forward.

Organize key business and customer information

When you’re working with large amounts of data, staying organized is essential. And business planning is much easier with clear visualizations! Mapline not only gives you the power to map addresses from Excel but also arms you with pin plotting capabilities. Plot points, add labels, customize your pins with icons and so much more!
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