Map International Locations from Excel

Plot map locations and analyze international territories when you map Excel data.

Do you need to plot points on a map from a list of locations? Maybe your map locations tell an international story. Using Mapline, you can easily plot and analyze global data on an easy-to-read map. Map Excel data the simple way when you visualize trends on a global scale with Mapline.

Map locations anywhere in the world

It is never a problem to plot international locations or global data with Mapline. No matter where your customers, store locations, or distribution centers are, you can plot map locations with Mapline. Just pick any point on Earth and map it!

Conduct data analysis across the world

Analyzing global data is easy when you can visualize data points on a map. Map international locations to easily study your data on a global scale.

Speed up decision making

No matter what part of the globe you’re located, mapping international locations makes it easier to identify trends and make key decisions that can impact your business.

Build local and international territory maps

Territory and zip code mapping tools help you overlay boundaries, map international locations, see a list of locations inside specific territories, and much more. Mapline turns your Excel data into easy-to-read maps, improving your visibility into neighboring zip codes, international sales territories, and everywhere in between.
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