Radius Mapping Analysis

Draw radii around pins to find data about surrounding locations

Find what makes locations successful

Success can’t be attributed to one thing. With radial mapping, run analysis on your locations to determine what factors influence revenue the most. Whether the answer is population, competition, crime, or traffic, you’ll be able to find the answer!

Take a deeper look inside your circles

Once your circles have been drawn on the map, you can click within them to gain detailed information about the locations inside your territory. Get total square mileage of your territory and a summary of all locations that can then be exported for further use.

Find opportunities to grow

Every customer feels differently about travel time to acquire a product. Some are willing to travel very little, others will go as far as necessary. With radius mapping, you can see where your customers are, and how far they are traveling to get your product. Leverage that data to find new locations that will maximize sales and increase your customer base!
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