A More Strategic Way to Create a Sales Territory Report

Increase Visibility with Sales Territory Mapping

How are your sales territories performing? Improve your approach to sales territory analysis with Mapline’s sales territory mapping tool. You’ll gain the visibility you need to identify how and where to maximize your efforts and optimize your strategies.

Quickly plot your sales territories

Sales territory reports are summaries on your different territory areas. Plot your sales data on a map, click on the territory you want, and review metrics like total or average sales for all the locations within that territory.

Analyze your sales territories

Mapping sales territory reports allows you to do deeper analyses of your sales territories. You can identify which territories are performing well, which ones need more attention, and which ones have the greatest growth opportunities.

Gain greater visibility into your customers

Your customers are the heart of your business. Mapping sales territory reports helps you gain greater insight into which customers you should focus on the most, identify key customer opportunities, and access details that help you build strategic selling actions.

Drive more strategic decisions for increased sales

With greater analyses from your sales territory report maps, you can access performance reports for your sales managers, drive additional sales to new markets, and establish optimal business with all your different sales areas. Ready to map your sales territory reports? See how sales territory mapping can accelerate your sales growth.
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