Create Territory Heat Maps

Using Territory Heat Maps of Your Data

Use Mapline to visualize territory heat maps. Let’s say you plot customers and you would like to overlay US state boundaries on your map. But instead of assigning each state a random color, you would like states with a lot of locations to be red and states with few locations to be green. Customer heat mapping will help you quickly see the distribution of your customers by state.

Sales heat mapping can also be extremely informative. By copying your Excel data that includes sales amounts, you can create a heat map showing you which states have higher and lower sales from your company. You can easily do this with Mapline!

Heat Map Example with Territory Color

Territory Heat Maps – Customer Heat Mapping & More

How to create territory heat maps:

  1. Open your map.
  2. Click the “Layers” button.
  3. Choose “Territory Overlay.”
  4. Select type of territory.
  5. Name your territory set.
  6. Select “Heat Map Based on Dataset Values” as your Territory Coloring.
  7. Click “Continue.”
  8. Select the datasset to use for determining the colors of your territories.
  9. Select the type of heat-map calculation you would like to use. You can calculate the colors based on the number of locations (“location density”) or you can add values together from your spreadsheet. For example, you could use the “Sum” option if you’d like to add the sales for all locations inside each territory and color the territory accordingly.
  10. You can select “Map by Percentile” if you want to assign a certain number of colors. For example, if you want there to only be 4 colors for states (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green), then select the 4 Groups of 25% option. This will force each state to be one of the four colors. Otherwise you can select the “Don’t Group by Percentile” option to assign the exact calculated color to each state. This would make it so that each state is a slightly different color if it has a different number of locations in it.
  11. Select the colors you would like to use.
  12. Click “Continue.”

Now you can see your map with each territory color calculated according to the locations inside the territory shape. Go ahead and sign up to try it out yourself!

Mapline offers a wide range of territory boundaries which can be added to your map. See Mapline’s Available Territories to see what is offered as well as step-by-step instructions on how you can add them to your map.

Get started today by choosing the plan that’s right for you!