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Streamlined Design
You talked, and we listened! New menus, more features, and a new layout will help you create things in seconds. Basically, we just made mapping even more simple.
Improved Data Management
Our new update makes it easier to edit and manage your data in Mapline. Copying and pasting, selecting multiple rows of data, formatting, you name it, we upgraded it!
Enhanced Routing
Need a route for a territory? One click, and you’ve got it. The same goes for a dataset. Don’t have a spreadsheet? Search the addresses and you’ve got a route too.
Powerful Search Features
Don’t have data in a spreadsheet? Our search bar enhancements will allow you to create datasets and routes in seconds. If you’ve got a location, you’ve got what you need.
Total Customization
Make your maps look just like you want them! With floating labels, individual pin styling, and new label styling options, you’ve got more customization options now.
Help On Demand
Get all the help you need, right when you need it. Help messages, quick demos, and detailed instructions will give you all the answers you need to become an office superhero!
Supercharged Performance
Time is valuable, and you can’t afford to wait for your maps to load. So we’ve done some “behind-the-scenes” work to make our maps work better than ever.
Demographic Data
Decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum, and with demographic data you won’t have to. In seconds, you can see a breakdown of the demographics within the territories on your map!

You’re in good company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will this be released?
All these features and enhancements will be released on September 24th.
Will I lose my maps and datasets with the update?
No. We don’t make a habit of deleting customer’s Maps or Datasets, and we have no intention of starting. Everything you created pre-update will be there post-update.
Do I need to download anything?
To have access to the update, all you need to do is log into your account. You’ll have access to all the features that are available on your plan. Upgrading to the Enterprise plan will give you access to all the changes that are being made.
Can I opt out of the update?
No. But trust us. You don’t want to. Things are only getting better. Think of it like this: you could trade your BMW for a red wagon, but why would you?
Is there any training or help with the new update?
Yes. Our team has prepared a staggering amount of blogs, how-tos, and demo videos to be rolled out with the update. If you want a personalized demo, let us know.