Mapline-Provided Data Set Permissions and Restrictions

Mapline offers more than 4 million retail locations which can be added to maps. These include locations from over 4,000 retail companies. With this competitive set of data, Mapline enables you to perform competitive analysis and improve your business growth strategies.


The following features are available for Mapline datasets:


There are some restrictions on what you can do with the Mapline datasets on your map:
  • Mapline datasets will not appear on a map which is shared with another person outside of your account. In order to share a map with Mapline datasets visible, then the user must be added to your existing account by going to MY ACCOUNT and clicking on ACCOUNT MEMBERS.
  • Mapline datasets will not appear on an embedded map.
  • You cannot view (in a list) nor export the Mapline datasets. You can only add them as pins on a map.

Coming Soon

The follow features are not quite available to use with Mapline data sets, but we are working towards providing these soon:
  • Distance calculations to determine the nearest competitor’s location to your own list of stores.
  • Territory heat mapping to overlay territory boundaries on your map and color them according to the number of locations inside the territory.