We know that the holiday season is the busiest time of year for many of you. That’s why we’ve been busy with software updates and enhancements that will help you stay ahead of the competition for the holidays.

Trans-“FORM” Your Business Operations

How great would it be if you knew for sure whether a delivery had been made?

Or if you had a timestamp for every technician’s visit?

Well now, you can collect and track all of this information with Forms in Mapline!

In just a couple of minutes, you can create the exact form you need. Select custom settings, such as creating a new dataset whenever a form is submitted. You can also distribute forms to your organization with the click of a button.

Give us a call today to see how this amazing new feature can benefit your business!

Routing Efficiency Updates

If you plan routes based on vehicle type or capacity, this feature is going to save you tons of time!

Now, you can add vehicle requirements to your routes, ensuring the right vehicle is used 100% of the time.

This is particularly helpful if some of your vehicles have specialized capabilities or can only carry a certain amount of cargo.

New column options are available in automated columns, allowing you to configure data any way you choose. [How is this useful to the user?] It’s also possible to add automated scheduling options so that your routes update whenever your data changes.

Plus, you can calculate the driving distance between each stop or total distance for the entire route.

We’re ecstatic that we could help you improve your routing efficiency even more than ever.

Import Visualizations to Any Dashboard

Have you ever wanted to display a report on a certain dashboard?

Now, you can make a copy of a visualization and have it display on any dashboard you desire.

This makes it convenient to see different information all in one place.

Apply Filters to Territories and Shapes

Filters are now available for territories and shapes! Want to see a total of all sales by county? Now, you can easily pinpoint areas on a map that are meeting a certain sales threshold.

Or, filter by any value that’s relevant to your business. This makes your maps even more versatile and helpful!

Sort Multiple Columns in Datasets

Sometimes it’s useful to sort your dataset columns. Now, you can sort by multiple columns at once.

For example, if you wanted to order a report by region and then by number of employees, you can do this quickly through the Sort icon at the top of the report.

How convenient is that?

Automate Analytics & Improve Efficiency

Do you ever need to see all the clients your Sales team is due to visit?

Or quickly pull a list of technicians who live in a given city?

You can easily achieve this with new dynamic filter options in Datasets. “Is Contained In” is a useful filter that allows you to pull this kind of information in seconds.

We are so exicted to introduce these time-saving features and help you achieve your goals even faster!

Want to see any of these in action or have any questions?