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What is

Data Localizer
We use Geospatial Technology to automatically focus your data where it matters most

Easy from the Get-Go

Jump right in by creating a map from Excel to see your data in a whole new way.
Nothing to install
No more outdated versions, lost files, or resource drains regardless of your browser or device! Mapline is always online and ready to help wherever you need it to be -- just login and your data is there.
Just copy and paste
Simply copy your Excel or spreadsheet data and paste it into Mapline to instantly generate a map! Using our powerful analytical tools, you can create customized new ways of visualizing and understanding your data.
Flexible pricing
Whether you want to build simple maps from your spreadsheet data or need access to our robust and powerful business analytics, Mapline has a suite of products created specifically with your needs in mind.
Superior service
Mapline's team of experts are ready to show you how to make the most of your data! Call us, chat with us, or send an email ... we really do want to help you become an office superhero!

Your Data, Enhanced with Distance

Use our powerful tools to understand how your data relates to each other and to the world!
Distance Comparison
Want to calculate the distance from your locations to the nearest store and more? Add and compare both straight-line and driving distances from your locations to others instantly!
Stop spending your time formatting and updating your spreadsheets over and over. Just paste your raw data and let Mapline's engine do the calculations so you can focus on discovering insights and driving business.
Forget about being limited with vlookups. Mapline can connect your data using distance, territories, and geospatial relationships (in addition to the vlookups).
Collect data
Combine Automate with Mapline's Forms to add data to any form submission your team has. Auto assign new leads to sales managers and streamline their response time.

Analyze Everything

Think bigger than ever before with a wide variety of user-friendly analytics!
Identify trends
Stay one step ahead using our distance analytics tools. Rest assured you can make dececisions that make sense for your markets and your business footprints when matched up with competition.
Improve efficiency
Making the best use of your time is critical, and Mapline can help! Automate enables you to setup an automated platform which updates based on any changes from your data, allowing you to focus on execution.
Mitigate risks
Mapline can help you create disaster recovery plans, determine weak links in your supply chain, and best backup options available. Quickly find the nearest primary, secondary, and tertiary suppliers or identify customers who will be affected by natural disasters along with the aggregated financial risk to your business.
Data interaction
Understand how your data interrelates and can work together in powerful ways. From distance analysis and discovering growth opportunities to visualizing coverage networks, Mapline makes it easy!

Want to see distance powered supersets in action?