Easy from the Get-Go

Jump right in by creating a map from Excel to see your data in a whole new way.
Nothing to install
No more outdated versions, lost files, or resource drains regardless of your browser or device! Mapline is always online and ready to help wherever you need it to be — just login and your data is there.
Just copy and paste
Simply copy your Excel or spreadsheet data and paste it into Mapline to instantly generate a map! Using our powerful analytical tools, you can create customized new ways of visualizing and understanding your data.
Flexible pricing
Whether you want to build simple maps from your spreadsheet data or need access to our robust and powerful business analytics, Mapline has a suite of products created specifically with your needs in mind.
Superior service
Mapline’s team of experts are ready to show you how to make the most of your data! Call us, chat with us, or send an email … we really do want to help you become an office superhero!

Your Data, Collected Your Way

Use our powerful data collection forms to discover all your data has to offer!
Customized questions
Easily collect information and store it in your datasets with Mapline’s intuitive forms. Customize your forms with all types of questions so you are collecting the right data to flow into your Mapline visualizations.
Geospatial validation
Capture respondent’s location and set criteria on where they can submit from. Enable your technicials to check-in once they arrive on the job site.
Collect pictures
Create forms with upload capabilities so that respondents can upload images or other files to store with their submission. Easily access these files along with their submission information directly from the dataset.
Heat mapping
Combine Forms with Mapline’s BI to show charts and reports of submitted information in real-time. Easily monitor submissions and streamline response times.

Want to see spatially enhanced form surveys in action?