Automate your daily routing! Create routes, optimize your stops, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks!

Mapline’s Geo Dispatch creates optimized routes based on location priority, visit urgency, vehicle availability, and anything else you can throw at us.

Out-of-the-box dispatch system

Wake up knowing your routes are already scheduled, optimized, and distributed. Geo Dispatch handles the day-to-day route assignments, including prioritizing jobs, so you can focus on growing your business.
Reduce fuel costs and automate your mileage reimbursement calculations. Mapline has you covered so get the most out of your vehicles, drivers, and time.
Routes will always stay updated with any changes to your data. Mapline will even automatically reassign incomplete jobs to new routes or reallocate jobs to other routes when a driver calls in sick.

An end-to-end business solution

Mapline’s Views can make it simple to distribute your routes and assignments to drivers. They can easily navigate to each location and capturing the status once a job is completed.
Use charts and dashboards to show how your business is performing and report total mileage and cost breakdowns.
Use Mapline’s Forms to track when a job is complete and the driver is ready for their next assignment. Track time historicals to enhance future routes.

Keep a bird’s-eye view

Visualize job locations and status towards completion. You can literally watch as your jobs are marked completed and your daily work is completed.
Clearly spot supply and demand gaps so you can manage your technician fleet and service all your jobs.
Optimize your technician network based on service coverage areas. You can see which jobs you should take and which ones fall outside your service area.

Import your data in seconds

Easily copy and paste raw data from multiple sources (no need to prepare or scrub in advance). You control what data is brought in and how it will be used.
Use Mapline’s Forms to streamline your data entry process. Customers can submit forms for service requests, or technicians can post updates on the road from a mobile device.
Use Mapline’s API to connect your system to ours. Push and pull data across multiple systems in real time.

Next level collaboration

Keep your data organized, updated, and accessible.
One source of truth
Make better decisions by centralizing your data! No more confusion on where to find the latest spreadsheet or trying to locate email notifications. Mapline keeps everything organized and within easy reach for you and your team.
Real-time updates
Are you and your team working on the same project? Worried that you might be seeing something different than everyone else? Don’t stress, Mapline makes all the user changes visible to everyone.
Choose what to share
Having accurate information within easy reach of your team is critical, but not everything should be up for grabs. Mapline will help you control access to sensitive data so the right people are always in the know.
Powerful visuals
Need to create persuasive visuals to enhance your next proposal or report? We’ve made it easy to generate compelling images that will integrate seamlessly into your presentation format of choice.

Intelligent Integration

Mapline works seamlessly with both your software and your systems.
Automated uploads
Need a way to keep things up to date without doing it all yourself? Link into Mapline’s API to do the work instead, letting you stay focused on everything else that needs your attention.
Easy from Excel
With our Excel Add-in we make it simple to manage your data right from Excel! You can download spreadsheets from Mapline, and upload or overwrite existing data to your maps all with a single click.
Stay in your systems
Why go outside when you can just stay in? Use Mapline directly from inside your own proprietary platforms or applications! Mapline API provides direct access to many of our most powerful features.
Supercharge your site
Add an impressive new dimension to your online presence! Embed the maps you create in Mapline to enhance your website and send a stronger, more vivid message to every visitor.

Secure and Worry Free

Sleep better knowing Mapline’s state-of-the-art security is always on the job.
Powerful encryption
Since almost everything we do is digital, being able to keep your data secure is a top priority at Mapline. Our encryption process ensures that no one but you has access. Ever.
Robust backup
With Mapline, you’ll never have to wait or worry. Thanks to our specially designed, cloud-based backup solutions, system down-time and data loss are eliminated so you can rest easy.
Secure data centers
We keep everything under lock and key. Having data center-certified protocol and security are critical components in maintaining our total commitment to keep your data safe.
Manage users & data
What happens when an employee leaves the company? Mapline’s SSO option helps you manage users and their data so that when it’s time to go, your company’s data stays where it belongs.

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