Sales Territory Mapping Software

Streamline Delivery and Distribution Routing with Customized Mapping Solutions

Is sales territory mapping part of your responsibility? Are you looking for an easier way to visualize where clients, prospects and sales rep territories are located? Mapline sales mapping software lets you see the big picture. Rather than mapping each individual address, you can upload your Excel spreadsheet and populate a map with all of your data instantly.

Measuring Performance and Workload

Seeing the locations in which your customers are concentrated all in one place can be eye opening. With your data in a visual format, it’s much easier to draw conclusions as to which areas (and potentially which sales reps) are performing the best and which could use additional attention.

It also becomes clear when one rep may be overwhelmed. If there’s a location where pins are clustered much more densely than others, it could help you determine when it’s time to hire new reps to take on some of the extra load.

Using Territory Overlays and Sublayers for Sales Distribution

In addition to plotting pins on your map, you can use Mapline’s territory overlays and heat maps to get a clear visual representation of where the most activity is occurring among reps. Use a territory overlay to view locations based on zip code, county, Designated Marketing Area or other criteria. You can also draw custom shapes around territories specific to your company. You can generate a report of all your customers within a territory so you can easily compare accounts and values.

You can also use sublayers to color code your pins based on rep name. This allows you to view the overall picture of all your clients with each pin colored to correspond to a particular sales rep. Use this feature to determine if your assignments make sense – for example, does one rep have many more accounts than another, or perhaps one client far away from his or her other clients that may be better served by a different rep who is based nearer to that location? Get insights like this instantly when you use Mapline to analyze your sales map routing.

If you’re looking for sales mapping software that will contribute significantly to your ability to manage your team and save time, Mapline is your solution. Compare plans and pricing today.