Show Labels Next To Your Map Pins

Labels can help you make awesome map presentations and quickly differentiate between locations. This is also super useful if you plan to print a map. The Labels feature enables you to choose what information you would like to appear in the label. Any column information from your spreadsheet can be displayed. Show your labels now and make your map Excel data more understandable.

Show Labels Next To Your Pins

Steps to show labels next to your map pins

  1. On the left sidebar, click the drop down arrow found next to your dataset.
  2. Choose the “Label” icon.
  3. Make sure that the label visibility is turned on.
  4. Select the columns you would like to show in the pin label.
  5. Choose other style preferences (font color, font size, background, fill color).
  6. Click “Save.”

That’s how easy it is to show labels next to your map pins. Go ahead and sign up to give it a try.