Spatial Analysis Software: Intelligent Mapping for Manufacturers

It’s no secret that maps play an integral role in millions of lives around the globe. Location-aware maps help us navigate our days with the press of a button. While tourists may use a mobile mapping app to find hotels or restaurants in a foreign city, those same companies use maps to solve corporate challenges, including maintaining profits, figuring out inventory issues, and much more.

Unsurprisingly, maps and geospatial analysis give the manufacturing industry a leg up, too. Manufacturers add tangible value to all areas of their business—from supply chain operations to marketing—by applying visualization and spatial analysis. Here’s a closer look at how spatial analysis helps manufacturers leverage insights to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Dive into Market Analysis

Spatial analysis can have a significant impact on a successful market and customer strategy. Manufacturers better understand trends, customers, and their competition when they utilize intelligent mapping and analytics. These powerful tools give them the ability to head off threats and anticipate opportunities in their market.

When GIS mapping and spatial analysis software do the heavy lifting, visual data informs executives, sales managers, and marketing strategists of hidden risks, underserved areas, and consumer demographic trends. Ultimately, with GIS for manufacturing, you grow to understand your market inside and out—and learn to implement the right changes for success.

Optimize Supply Chains

Do more than simply tolerate a clunky supply chain. Examine what is truly working and what requires an overhaul. Spatial analysis allows manufacturers to painlessly plot all aspects of their network for increased supply chain visibility. This includes measuring delivery distances, analyzing shipping routes, evaluating customer sites, and more.

Features such as heat mapping, colored pins, and custom images enable you to tell your story through GIS mapping. When you have the tools to visually overlay your coverage with your customers on a map, ideas—and new opportunities—form at lightspeed. Plus, you’ll be able to discover and remedy network holes and put innovative strategies in place.

Generate Better Decisions

Organizations in the manufacturing industry are up against a slew of challenges at both the local and global level. What do manufacturing challenges have in common? Geography. Some of your biggest hurdles—such as refining brand image, abolishing outmoded workflows, and solidifying appropriate mergers—find clarity when you drill down to location.

And with spatial analysis, geographical information becomes a visual, powerful catalyst for healthier decision-making. When you connect your organization’s goals to real-time spatial intelligence, you help foster productivity, internal collaboration, and the creative ideas that grow your business.

More and more manufacturers are making informed decisions based on visual data. Learn how you can leverage spatial analysis and GIS mapping for your own business.