Mapping Canada Census Tracts – Now Available in Mapline

Census Tract Boundaries for Data Analysis

You can now start mapping Canada census tracts! For years, we received requests to add census tract boundaries. Professionals and local specialists like educators, health workers, planners, and social workers are often on the lookout  for this specific boundary. Now, we are proud to say that Mapline added a lot of special Canada boundaries including the census tracts. A census tract is a small geographic area that has a population within 2,500-8000. It should be located within a census metropolitan area that has a core population of 50,000 or above. Hence, an Excel spreadsheet of location data added on a Canada census tracts map work wonders in data analysis.

To further your data analysis, Mapline got you covered with the right mapping tools to use. We understand that analysis is not a one-size fits all thing. Therefore, we designed exceptional tools to help you go through data analysis to reach your goal. Whether you want to identify trends, improve efficiency, or mitigate risks, Mapline got you covered with the tools perfect for your needs.

Mapping Canada Census Tracts
Mapping Canada Census Tracts

Have a Minute? Start Mapping Now!

Yes, you read it right. Mapping the census tract boundaries of Canada takes only a minute (or less!) Try it now. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Mapline account and login.
  2. Click the orange “Add New Items” button.
  3. Select “New Map” on the drop down arrow.
  4. Give your map a name and click “OK.”
  5. Click the “Add” button from the left sidebar.
  6. Select the “Territories” option.
  7. Click “From Mapline’s Repository.”
  8. From the “Territories” select “Canada Census Tracts.” You can also enter that on the search bar.
  9. Select how you want your boundaries to be colored in “Fill Color” (Random Colors, Uniform Color, Dynamic heat map colors, or Custom colors from spreadsheet).
  10. Click “OK.”

Sign up now and stay on top of your territory mapping analyses. Mapline has great options for Canada territory boundaries for mapping.

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