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Your subscription page is where you can see all of your subscription details and account limits. That way, you’ll always know what’s what when you have questions about your subscription.

To access your subscription details, click your name in the top-right corner in Mapline, then select Subscription.

Let’s learn what you’ll find on this page!


Your subscription is classified under one of our products. The product you have was custom tailored to your needs during discovery calls with your Account Executive.

Geo Analytics: Visualize your data with maps, routes, and dashboards. Analyze absolutely everything and see exactly how well your business is doing with Mapping Analytics, Routing Analytics, and Business Intelligence Analytics.

Geo Dispatch: Automate your daily routes, optimize your stops, and account for literally any factor affecting your fleet. Make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks by factoring in location priority, visit urgency, vehicle capacity, or anything else you can think of!

screenshot of a comparison of all of Mapline's Geo Management products

Geo Scheduling: Optimize your schedules with location-intelligent planning. Leverage Recurrence Scheduling to auto-generate recurring routes with thousands of factors and any specific constraints your business requires. Or, tap into Appointment Scheduling to track where your team is in the field at any given time, and create efficient schedules that make the most geographic sense.

Geo Operations: Streamline all of your operations and create the most powerful, automated processes known to man! Automate all of your workflows and connect your internal data with real-world distance and location data. Level up your operations once and for all, and blow your competitors right out of the water.

If you have questions about your product, or if you want to learn about any of our other products, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager, or click the blue Contact Us button on your subscription page.

screenshot of a comparison of all of Mapline's Geo Management products


This section gives an overview of everything that’s included in your subscription. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Datasets: The number of datasets you can create and store on your account, and your current usage.
  • Maps: The number of maps you can create and store on your account, and your current usage.
  • Max rows per dataset: The maximum number of rows that can be contained in a single dataset.
  • Locations per day: The number of locations you can add to your account per day, and your current usage.
  • User licenses: The number of user licenses your company has. Each user license provides you with one login.
  • Dynamic Data columns: The number of dynamic data columns you can create and store on your account, and your current usage.
  • Charts, reports, and metrics: The number of charts, reports, and metrics you can create and store on your account, and your current usage.
  • Emails per month: The number of emails your account can send per month, and your current usage.

If you need to increase or adjust your account limits, give us a call and we’ll get it taken care of right away!


This is a quick snapshot of your subscription information. Check it out:

  • Amount: The amount due with each billing cycle.
  • Frequency: Your payment frequency.
  • Next Invoice: The date your next invoice is due.


Do you need to delete your account? We’re transparent about everything in Mapline, and this is no exception.

Just click the blue Delete button to delete your account forever. It’s that simple.

This action will erase your entire account, including all of your maps, datasets, and anything else you’ve created in Mapline. This action is permanent. Once deleted, your datasets and visualizations cannot be retrieved.

Please proceed with caution. Feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager if you need assistance with anything before deleting an account. We might ask for clarity, but we’ll never pressure you to keep an account if you’re truly done using it.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Do you need to cancel your subscription altogether? Give us a call and we’ll get it taken care of!