Differences Between Account User Types

Manage permissions to give users exactly what they need.

In Mapline, you can have different user types on your account. Why would this be needed? Sometimes you may want to have several users on one account. However, you may not want every member of the team to have the same access to everything. Some you may want to only see their maps, or others you only want to see billing information. Thus arises the need for different user types! When you add a user to your account, all you need to do is specify which user types you would like them to be.
People that are assigned the type of “User” will be able to login to Mapline and create their own maps and datasets. They can also share those maps and datasets with anyone, both on the account or outside it. They can also have maps shared with them. And if the map creator is on the same account, then the user can be given edit privileges.
People that are assigned the type of “Administrator” are going to be the power users. They can create new maps and datasets, and they can also edit all existing maps and datasets. They will also be able to add and remove users from the account. So they essentially have access to everything necessary to run the account.
Billing Admin
People that are assinged the type of “Billing Admin” have very limited access to the account. They can log in to Mapline, and access payment information and invoices. However, they cannot create maps or datasets.