Errors and Warnings

Learn about the different errors and warnings you may run into while using Mapline.

Unable to geocode row
When uploading a dataset, you may see a red error stating, “We were unable to geocode your row. Please adjust the address and try again.” This error message appears when our geocoder is unable to identify your address and plot it on a map. To fix this, open your dataset within Mapline and locate the row with a red exclamation mark next to it. Check the address in that row, make any neccessary edits, and then click the exclamation mark to re-process the row.
unable to geocode row
Address has changed
Whenever a column containing address information is edited, an orange exclamation mark will appear to the left of the row. This indicates that the address has been changed since the last time that the row was gecoded. If you would like Mapline to re-process the row and update the position on any maps, simply click the exclamation mark.
address has changed
Missing headers in your data
This error message appears when a user pastes in a territory color spreadsheet without the required headers of Shape Name and Color. To resolve this, add an additional row to the top of your spreadsheet and enter “Shape Name” as the first column’s header and “Color” as the second column’s header. If you’ve already entered these column headers and are still seeing the error message, check the spelling of your headers. You can follow the guide How to Create Custom Colored Territories if you need additional assistance.
shape name header warning
Unable to find a route between these points
When creating a route using Mapline Routing the error message, “Unable to find a route between these points,” may appear. This happens most often when a location included has been plotted on a separate landmass from other locations on the route. To fix this, create a route that does not include the disparate location, or locate and re-geocode the disparate location if it has been plotted incorrectly.
unable to route