How to Add Calculated Columns

Perform complex calculations across your dataset with ease!

1. Open a dataset and select “add automated columns”
Open the dataset you would like to add a calculated column to and select “Add auotmated column” from the toolbar at the top.
add automated column
2. Click “calculated columns”
From the automated columns menu, select “Calculated Columns” to access the column builder.
select calculated column
3. Add a column name
In the top field, enter a name for the new column. This name will appear on your dataset once you finish creating your formula.
name your calculated column
4. Add fields to a calculation
Now you can create your calculation. Normal mathmatic symbols (+,-,*,/,^) can be used here. To include a column from your dataset, simply hover over the column name in the “fields” section and select “insert”.
insert data fields
5. Select the “formulas” tab to see available formulas
Mapline also has an extensive library of formulas that can be used to improve your calculation. Click the “Formulas” tab to see available functions, or check out our training article on the various functions.
add custom calculations
6. Click “Ok” to finalize your new column
Once your calculation is finished, click “ok” to finalize your column.
click okay
7. View your column in the dataset
Your calculated column will be added to the end of your data where you can view the data, make edits, rename the column, and more.
view the new column