How to Add Clickable Links To Pins

Add clickable links to pin bubbles to further enhance your data.

You can add clickable links to pin info bubbles by adding links to your datasets! To do this, simply add the full URL (for example: to any cell in your spreadsheet before you upload it to Mapline. If you’ve already uploaded your spreadsheet, follow the steps below.
1. Open your dataset from the dataset library
To navigate to your dataset library from anywhere, click on the Mapline logo in the top left corner and select “Datasets” from the dropdown menu.
opening the dataset library
2. Open the dataset you would like to add a link to
opening a specific dataset
3. Select any cell and enter the URL you would like to link to
Add the full URL to your dataset, for example: This will ensure that the link works correctly.
add a link to your dataset
4. Now the link will appear within the pin bubble on your map
On any map with the dataset added you can now click on the pin to open the info bubble and see the link. Clicking on the URL will open the link in a new tab.
clickable link on the map