How to Add U.S. Census Data to Territories

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You can open your map by single clicking the name, double clicking anywhere on the row, or by single clicking on the row and clicking the "Open" button. If you don't have a map created, click on the "Add New Items" button. Then select, "New Map" and give it a name.
To access the territory menu, left or right click anywhere on the territory name, or hover over the row and click on the "Menu" button. If you don't have a territory on your map, you can add one in seconds!
3. SELECT "Add US Census Data"
Once the territory menu is opened, select the "Add U.S. Census Data" option.
4. CHOOSE What Kind of Data to Add
Mapline offers two different types of census data. The first option is population, and the second is households. Population will give you an estimate of the population within the territory. Household data will give an estimate of the number of households within the territory.
5. Select all the data or define a segment of it.
Select to either add the total of the data, or you can select certain characteristics to see. So if you only want to see males of a certain age, or females of a certain race, you'll just need to check the corresponding boxes.
6. Select Criteria to be included
If you selected to see a segment of the data, then you'll be able to choose characteristics to only see the data you're interested in.
7. Enter a name and click "OK"
Enter a name so you can know exactly what the data is representing, and click "OK."
To see the census data within your territories, click on the territory menu.
9. Select "Territory Report"
To see the census data within your territories, click on the territory menu.
10. Use the data to make more informed decisions
Use the "By Territory" tab to see a summary of the census data in each territory. Leverage that data to make better decisions and grow your business like never before!
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