How to Create Dynamic Maps

Create dynamic embedded and linked maps that populate data for users

With Mapline Mapping, you can create custom maps that can be embedded into websites, used for internal use, or shared directly with others. Using query strings, you can make maps dynamic, automatically searching for a specific location or drawing a coverage circle.

Query strings are built in a key-value pair with the key identifying the variable to be altered and the value identifying the value of the variable. Key-value pairs are placed after the initial URL, separated from the URL by a “?”. Individual pairs are separated by an “&”. To create a map that marks the location of New York City when opened, use the search and coverage circle key-value pairs and add “?search=new_york_city&coveragecircle=30mi” to the end of the map url.

The key-value pairs available on Mapline are currently available only for maps and are as follows:
search=Address or Lat/Long Coordinatessearch=new_york_city
search= 40.7128,-74.0060
Populates the map search bar and search results with the entered query. Latitude and Longitude coordinates should be formated as decimal degrees, (e.g. 40.7128, -79.982)
coveragecircle=Number and unit, valid units include mi, mile, km, kilometercoveragecircle=30miUsed in conjunction with the search key-value pair. Applies a coverage circle to the search results, showing a circle extending out from the search location with a radius equal to the value identified.