How to Create Views of your Dataset

Views help make data management easier than ever.

1. Open the Dataset Library
Click on the "Dataset Library" tab on the left sidebar to see a list of all the datasets uploaded to your account. If you haven't created any datasets, you can create one in seconds!
2. Select a Dataset and Click "Add View"
You can access the "Add View" button three different ways. The first is to select your dataset by clicking on the row, and then click on the "Add View" button at the top. The second way to access it is by right clicking on the dataset, and selecting "Add View" from the menu that appears. The third option is to open the dataset page by clicking on the name, or double clicking on the row, and then clicking the "Add View" button at the top.
3. Assign a Name
Enter a name into the input box to assign a name to your view, and click "Next."
4. Choose Which Pins are Visible With Filters
Apply filters to your dataset by choosing a column in your dataset, and setting the criteria to show only the pins that you want visible. You can set multiple criteria like all pins in California assigned to Sally. Then click "Next."
5. Select Columns to Include
Your view will only show the columns that you want to ensure data security. Choose the columns you wish to include by checking the corresponding boxes. If you have a lot of columns, you can use the search bar to find them quickly. Then click "Done."
6. Access Your View
Once your view is created, it will appear underneath the parent dataset in the list. You can use it just like any other dataset.
Watch a demo if you're still not sure how views can help with data management.
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