How to Save the Map Zoom Level

Get the exact view you need every single time.

1. When viewing a map, click “Options”
To change the default map view, first open the map you would like to edit. From within a map, select the options menu in the top left corner of the map pane.
Options menu
2. Select “Settings” from options
From the options dropdown, select “Settings”.
Map settings
3. To use the current map position whenever you load the map, select “Use Current Position”
If you would like to set your map to always open to your current view, select “Use Current Position” and then select “OK”.
Use current position
4. Select the dropdown to view alternative position settings
There are also several other options which can be accessed from the drop down to the right of “Default Position”. Selecting “Auto” will load the map to show all pins and territories, “Custom” allows you to set the default position, and “Most Recent” will open your map to the view you left it on when you last closed the map.
Position settings