June-July 2021



June-July 2021


Our team has been busy rolling out app updates this summer. We’re absolutely geeking out over here, because these updates mean big things for you and your business!

Routing Updates

If you’ve been manually adjusting routes to accomodate vehicle capacities or trip requirements, stop immediately.

You can now set a maximum trip time, vehicle capacity, desired number of routes, and more.

Also available are dynamic options, which allow Mapline to configure routes based on variables.

For example, start points, vehicle capacity, and stop times are all variables that can change from day to day.

Now, you can add these variables to your routes. Because these options are dynamic, they will update whenever your data changes, keeping your routes at their most efficient every single day.

Get started now—your mind will be blown!

Map Zooming

Get the right business insights as zoom as possible.

Just right-click a pin on the map, select “Zoom To,” and no matter how zoomed-out you are, Mapline will automatically focus in on that pin.

Navigating your maps just got even faster!

Spreadsheet Enhancements

New features are enabled in spreadsheets. Access even more intuitive keyboard shortcuts that mimic Excel.

Examples of shortcuts you can use include:

  • CTRL+C
  • CTRL+V
  • CTRL+Z
  • CTRL+A

So, keep using the keyboard shortcuts you’re used to using with other applications. Chances are, if it’s a common shortcut, we’ve enabled it.

Plus, you can now use the dependency icon to easily see which datasets rely on one another.

Dashboard Improvements

Dashboards just got even better!

Resize visualizations to any size you need. Then, drag-and-drop to place them anywhere on your dashboard. This allows you to customize dashboards and keep the reports you need right at your fingertips.

New Shortcuts

There’s a new shortcut that will help you access your data anywhere in Mapline without navigating back and forth between pages.

Now, view the data that’s tied to any metric simply by right clicking on the element itself.

From there, you can open a spreadsheet showing the dataset.

This is just one navigation improvement that makes it even faster to get things done.

Want to see any of these in action or have any questions?