Merge Territories in Seconds for Simple Territory Management

Our territory merging tool lets you take custom shapes and boundaries like state, county, zip code, area code, and merge them into one larger territory. Now you can easily identify trends and have greater visibility into your territory performance.

Territory maps help you to manage your data

Territory merging helps companies identify area trends and report the performance of their territories. Mapline’s merging tool makes it easy to create a custom territory in seconds. You can also use boundaries from hundreds of countries around the world or custom drawn boundaries to make your territories. Then click on any territory to see a list of all the locations inside that territory!

Track performance of your company’s custom territories

If your company is like most, the territories aren’t each individual state, county, or zip code. That’s what makes territory merging so great. In seconds, you can create those territories, and then see how they compare to each other. You can color the territories like a heat map based on your data to easily see which territories are performing the best.

Manage your territories better than ever!

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