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Change the way you see data analysis with Mapline’s free mapping software.
Mapline is an online mapping software that gives you the power to visualize and understand your data. Find trends, uncover patterns, mitigate risk, and make smarter business decisions—all when you map your Excel data, plot multiple locations, and share stunning maps with your whole team. Ready to get started? Find out why so many businesses use Mapline.

Easily Map Excel Data

Do you have a visual understanding of your business? Create a map from Excel spreadsheet data and uncover insights, trends, and opportunities that can change your business trajectory. Say goodbye to rows and columns! With Mapline, you have the power to generate stunning visualizations and tell better stories—all it takes is a few seconds.

Analyze Multiple Addresses on a Map

Stop reviewing locations one by one, and start mapping multiple addresses with Mapline’s free mapping software. When you map addresses from Excel, you get visual insights from an easy-to-read, eye-catching map. Plotting locations helps organize key business and customer data and streamlines your marketing, sales, and operations teams.

Plot International Locations from Excel

If your customers or map locations span the globe, you need the right tools to represent that complex data and make smart decisions. It’s easy to map international locations with Mapline! Simply upload your spreadsheet data, and begin analyzing your data points on a global scale.

Create Full Team Visibility by Sharing Maps Online

Sharing files through email chains is confusing and leads to errors. Create a map with Mapline, and you’ll be able to share maps online with your whole team—in real time! No more downloading, back and forth, or email chains. You’ll improve collaboration and communication across the board.

Don’t wait to map your Excel data. Start plotting your locations and mapping territories today!