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Mapline 2.0
Routing Your Way to a Better Business

We want our routing capabilities to be both powerful to use and easy to access. So we decided to put it everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Nearly any element, dataset, pin, territory, or you name will be a source of routing. If you need to create a route but don’t know how, try clicking on nearly anything. Just like that, you can create a route.

Create Routes for your Territories

Right click on a territory or radius and select the routing option. That’s it. Mapline will then find the optimized route from all the locations in the territory. As always, you have complete control as to what the first and last stop is. Quickly shift from building territories and optimizing all the locations within them.

Creates Routes with a Click

Right click on a pin and select the routing option. That pin is now the first pin of a new route. Now all you need to do is click on the other pins you want to add to the route. Within seconds you have created a route from your data by just clicking on the points you want to be on it.

Route a Whole Dataset

Maybe you want to route every pin in a dataset. Guess what? It’s really easy. Right click (notice a trend?) on the dataset on your left sidebar and Mapline will instantly route every location. Create routes with hundreds of stops in seconds.

Reverse your Routes

You can always get there, but sometimes getting back is just as important. You will be able to instantly reverse any route, making the last stop your new starting point. This feature was a direct result of customer feedback. You asked for it, you got it.

Get Addresses into a GPS

It’s never been easier to get turn by turn directions on your phone from Mapline. With a single click, you can copy the address of any stop point and paste it into whatever GPS program you use. Get to where you need to go fast and without making a wrong turn.

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