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Mapline 2.0
Mapline marks the spot

Do more than ever before with Mapline’s new and improved search bar. Before, the search bar was great for looking up specific addresses, cities, or regions. We’ve added multiple features including a search history, showing all the places you’ve searched, and integration with the routing tool, allowing you to add locations to a route on the fly. Never again will you have to look up the same location over and over again. The best part? This is just the beginning!

Search to Create Routes

When you create a route “Stop by Stop” you can click on locations on the map, search for them in the search bar, add them from your history, or any of the three combined. Routing has never been more robust!

Datasets without Spreadsheets

Add locations from your search history to an existing dataset or create a new dataset from your searches. You can add them individually, or all at once. Create a dataset ad hoc from your most searched locations.

Map Search History

Don’t worry, you can remove locations from your history at any time. Or you can add it to a route. Or you can remove specific locations. Or you can do whatever you want with it. Mapline’s searching has never been more dynamic!

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