Identify Growth Opportunities

Take the guessing out of it and make data-driven decisions.

Mapline’s service area mapping empowers you to create efficient maps for your sites. Streamline your operations and make better business decisions when you visualize your data sets with heat mapping, customer tracking and so much more. Explore the ways business mapping software can help you grow your success.

Simple customer tracking

When dealing with a large amount of data on your map, it can be difficult to figure out if locations with similar characteristics are close geographically. That’s what sublayers were made for! Quickly and easily upload your customer list into Mapline to see where the data is located. You can break them up based on criteria such as amount purchased, type of product or service purchased and frequency of purchases. With Mapline, it’s so simple.

Powerful heat maps

Spreadsheets can make it difficult to find areas that are outperforming others in a variety of categories. Heat maps make that problem disappear. You choose what you want to see—whether it be where you have many locations or customers, or where the money is coming from. Don’t keep staring at spreadsheets to find out where you are doing well. Use heat mapping software. You won’t regret it.

Visualize your coverage

Sales are what make the business grow and succeed. However, you can’t build stores without regard to data. You could end up increasing costs while not increasing sales. Embrace the power of business mapping software to avoid cannibalizing sales. Gain the insights you need to expand into areas with ideal customers. Utilize coverage overlays to see where two stores are doing the work of one, or where you need to add a second store to deal with high demand.

Unleash the power of your data today!