How to Embed a Chart on a Website

You can open your chart by single clicking the name, double clicking anywhere on the row, or by single clicking on the row and clicking the “Open” button. If you don’t have a chart created, click on the “Add New Items” button. Then select, “New Chart” and give it a name.
Embed a Chart
Once you’ve opened your chart, click on the “Options” menu in the top left corner of the screen. When the drop down displays, select “Embed” to open up the embedding settings.
Embed a Chart
3. Confirm privacy changes
If your chart is currently private, a pop-up window will open confirming that it is acceptable for your data to be publicly accessible by anyone who accesses your website. Once you have read through the agreement and want to proceed, click on the “OK” button.
Embed a Chart
4. Customize the appearance and copy the code
Customize how the chart will appear on your site by adjusting the width and height as either pixels or percentages. You can also choose to include the legend. Once the settings are how you want, copy the “Embed Code” and paste it into your website’s HTML code.
Embed  Chart
Need additional help? Check out the training video below.