How to Share a Chart

You can open your chart by single clicking the name, double clicking anywhere on the row, or by single clicking the row and selecting the “Open” button. If you do not have a chart created, you can create one by following the instructions found in our other Mapline Academy articles.
Share a Chart
Click on the “Options” menu located at the top left corner of your screen. Then, select “Share” to open a display window about the different sharing options there are.
Share a Chart
3. Choose “Private Sharing” or “Public Sharing”
The default option that comes up is to share privately. This option is only available for paid multi-user accounts. Private sharing gives you the ability to send private emails to other Mapline users with a link only granting that specific account access to the data. On private sharing, you can choose whether you want specific people to be able to view or edit the data.
Share a Chart
4. Select “Make Public”
Public sharing is available to all users, including those on our free plan. Public sharing means that we will generate a URL that can be copied and pasted for other people to click. Any individuals with the link will only be able to view the chart. If you would like to proceed, click “Make Public.”
Select a Chart
5. Confirm you would like to change privacy settings
Mapline does not post this data anywhere, only people that have this direct URL will be able to view the chart. If you would like to proceed, click “Make Public.”
Share a Chart
6. Copy the URL
Click the blue copy icon at the right side of the generated URL. This button will automatically copy to your clipboard the public URL. Click OK to close the display window. You can now email or post the URL for others to access the chart.
Share a Chart
Watch a demo to see more about how to share a chart.