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Filters empower you to control which data you see in your visualizations, based on the categories in your datasets.

This feature is incredibly useful for narrowing down your data in just a few moments.


Toggle between the Any and All buttons to tell Mapline exactly how you want your data filtered.

Select the Any button to display whichever filters are true, whether one filter is true or all of them are true.

Select All to display the data that matches all of your criteria simultaneously.

Screenshot of the Filters lightbox in Mapline, with 'Any or All' highlighted


Choose the dataset column you’d like to use for your filter.

Select from a wide range of filters, including text, number, or date filters, to get the exact insights you’re looking for.

As an example, say we want to see which of our locations are due for service. We would create a formula such as, “Next service date is on or before [DATE].” This reveals which locations are due for service by the date you select.

Or, we could track high-performing sales locations with the filters, “Sales is greater than or equal to $10,000” AND “Sales are on or after [DATE].” These filters reveal which stores made $10,000 within a certain date range.

Make sure your dataset has the information you need to reference. If it doesn’t, it’s easy to add columns to your dataset prior to configuring your filters.

Plus, you can even add more logic sections by clicking the blue + icon in the middle of the Filters lightbox.

Here’s how a map might appear after applying filters to your pins:

Screenshot of maps with many pins showing, transforming into a map with only a few pins showing after a filter has been applied


Do you foresee using this filter over and over again? Click the blue -> Save Filter button in the top right corner of the Filter Lightbox to save it as a preset.

This way, you can quickly apply preset filters whenever you need them.

Just click the blue Filter icon to load your presets into any visualization.

Screenshot of the Filters lightbox in Mapline, with the 'save as preset' button highlighted


No longer need a filter to appear on your visualization?

Remove your filter in one of three ways:

  • Remove individual logic sections by clicking the blue X at the top of the logic section
  • Click the blue Reset icon in the top right corner of the Filters lightbox to clear your logic
  • Click the red Remove button at the bottom of the Filters lightbox to completely remove your formulas
Screenshot of the Filters lightbox in Mapline, with the Refresh or remove button highlighted highlighted