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Labels empower you to display the right information on your visualizations at the right time. Have an upcoming presentation? Label your map pins with sales data pulled from your dataset.

Need an interactive map with territories segmented by representative? Label each territory with the correct rep name for quick, easy reference.


Make your labels visible all the time so you can always reference information at a glance.

Or, if that makes your visualizations too cluttered, configure your labels to display only when you hover or click with your mouse.

You have complete control over the display behavior for your labels!

Screenshot of the Labels lightbox in Mapline, with Display Behavior highlighted


Did you know you can pull labels directly from your dataset columns?

And we’re not just talking about one column. Say you want to display the name of a territory, the assigned sales representative, and month-to-date sales.

Just select the appropriate columns from your dataset, and BOOM! Done.

This is some seriously useful stuff.

Screenshot of the Labels lightbox in Mapline, with the Source Columns section highlighted


Change the overall appearance of your labels. Style labels to match your brand colors, or use monochrome styling for the best aesthetic appearance on your map.

Text, Border, Background Colors: Select colors from the available options, or click Customize to add your own custom hex codes. Once added, your custom colors can be found by clicking the More > button.

Font & Text Formatting: Choose from a range of available fonts in Mapline, then configure your font size and text formatting. Serif fonts are typically the best fonts for digital displays, and sans-serif fonts are traditionally used in printed materials.

Border Thickness: Adjust your border thickness by clicking the up and down arrows. Borders help your labels stand out against the background of your map, especially if the label is a similar color to the territory color.

Padding: Adjust your background color padding by clicking the up and down arrows. This determines how tall the label becomes in relation to your text.

Preview Window: Use the Preview window to confirm the appearance of your labels before you click OK.

Screenshot of the Labels lightbox in Mapline, with the appearance section highlighted