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Segments empower you to visually differentiate between categories in your data.

For example, visualize active vs. inactive customers, high performing vs. low performing stores, or technician teams segmented by leader. The possibilities are endless!


But that’s not all. Segments can be assigned in tiers. For example, segment your target locations by assigned sales rep, and then by location status, such as active and inactive.

Or, segment your stores by high performing vs. low performing sales. Then, segment your stores out, showing which ones are overdue for training visits. Multiple tiers give you the quickest access to the information you need at any given moment.

Turn on Show Pin Count if you want to see how many pins are in each segment (the pin count appears next to the Layer Folder).

After you apply your settings, your segmentation tiers will appear in your map Layer menu. Toggle the segment folders on and off as needed.

Screenshot of the Segments lightbox in Mapline

Here’s how your map might appear after applying segments:

Screenshot of a map after applying Mapline segments