MARCH 2022



MARCH 2022


Spring is here, and new features are blossoming over here at Mapline! We can’t wait to show you all the new ways we can streamline your business operations.

Calculate Route Breaks & Delivery Windows

Do you need to schedule break times for your drivers? Or, do you have dropoff locations that only accept deliveries at a certain time of day?

Configure your routes to include breaks and delivery windows.

Mapline will optimize your route with these new settings so you don’t have to do it manually.

And don’t forget, you can calculate arrival times, generate curbsite routes, and more in Routing.

Dynamic Data Logic

You’ll see new dynamic data logic in Mapline, including:

  • ‘is not contained in’
  • ‘does not begin with’
  • ‘does not end with’
  • ‘is contained in’ (previously ‘is contained by’)

We’re so excited about these formula options, because they do not exist in Excel. This gives you even better tools to get the exact calculations you need as quickly as possible.

Forms Updates

Forms just keep getting better every month!

Now, you can add a maximum and minimum character requirement for short answers and paragraphs.

New validation methods are also available for checkbox responses. This allows you to define the minumum and maximum number of checkboxes a user can select.

And finally, you can easily reassign forms and actions to a new user any time you delete an old one from your account.

These are just a few ways that Mapline keeps Forms easy and intuitive to use.

Performance Enhancements

Are there times you need to pull multiple results from the same dataset?

For example, if you wanted to pull a list of employees who live within 5 miles of a job, you can ask Mapline to return a complete list, or just the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd result— whatever you need.

Plus, dashboards are loading faster than ever with our March update!

These enhancements are designed to reduce the amount of time you spend creating data visualizations so you can make all the right things happen for your business instead.

Want to see any of these in action or have any questions?