Author: Jenni Julander

Mapline 2.0 – Supercharged Performance

We’ve haven’t just been adding new features and interfaces. We’ve also been working on our back end as well. The last thing we want is for our customers to open up Mapline, but then not be able to use it because they have too much data, or they want one too many territories. Well, we’ve made huge strides to make our maps more responsive, faster, and stronger. In short, Mapline can do more heavy lifting than ever before.

Mapline 2.0 – Help on Demand

Our most basic drive is to make mapping analysis available to everyone. A huge part of that is making our software as user-friendly as we can. We like to think we do well at this, but we’re always looking to do better. Starting with the new update, every feature, pop-up, or tool will have a help button with articles, videos and more available to guide you along. Our dream is that you never wonder about the answer to a question.

Mapline 2.0 – Total Customization

Mapline has always been a tool of customization. But now we’re ramping up the functionality like never before. Basically every feature or element on the map is being overhauled to give you more control as to how it looks and interacts. If you want your map to look a certain way, it can look that way. You have total control over every item on the map, down the the individual pins.

Mapline 2.0 – Powerful Search Features

Do more than ever before with Mapline’s new and improved search bar. Before, the search bar was great for looking up specific addresses, cities, or regions. We’ve added multiple features including a search history, showing all the places you’ve searched, and integration with the routing tool, allowing you to add locations to a route on the fly. Never again will you have to look up the same location over and over again. The best part? This is just the beginning!

Mapline 2.0 – Enhanced Routing

We want our routing capabilities to be both powerful to use and easy to access. So we decided to put it everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Nearly any element, dataset, pin, territory, or you name will be a source of routing. If you need to create a route but don’t know how, try clicking on nearly anything. Just like that, you can create a route.

Mapline 2.0 – Improved Data Management

We wanted to give our customers more flexibility about how they add, remove, and edit the locations in their dataset. Now, adding rows has never been easier. You can add new columns in seconds. A ton of new functionality has been added directly to the dataset page. Make all the changes you will ever need without ever having to leave.