Peerfit Grows Network and Optimizes Sales Initiatives with Mapping

The Company & Goal

Peerfit needed a way to more accurately match employees to local fitness studios.

The Company

Founded in 2011, Peerfit is a workplace wellness platform dedicated to helping companies and their employees discover fitness classes. To inspire employee health and motivation, Peerfit’s digital platform connects people with the best local fitness studios, where they can use wellness dollars for yoga, barre, CrossFit, boot camp, boxing and other workout activities.

The Goal

Peerfit set out to make employee wellness programs more efficient with an easy-to-use platform backed by data-driven insights. As Peerfit grew, it acquired clients with remote employees and multiple locations across the country. To reach its goal, Peerfit needed a way to make more accurate and personalized employee-studio matches on a national scale.

The Challenge

Andre needed a way to visually map and analyze the distance between employees and studios.
Peerfit was building a strong, national network of employers, fitness studios and gyms, but it didn’t factor in employees’ distances from the available programs. Before Mapline, Andre Ortega, enterprise healthcare consultant at Peerfit, performed a spreadsheet match to compare an employee’s zip code with a fitness studio’s zip code. While this method told Andre which studios and employees shared a zip code, it didn’t account for studios in neighboring zip codes.
Andre didn’t want to leave those nearby studios out of the equation—especially if they met an employee’s health and fitness needs and were within reasonable driving distance. He wanted a way to analyze and visually map the distance between employees and studios.
“We realized that as we’re growing and scaling across the country, even before the sale happens, we need to assess where our studio partners are located compared to where the employees are located.”

The Solution

Mapline’s customized account helped Andre visualize networks, analyze distance between locations, and optimize his decision-making.
Andre wanted to provide current and prospective clients and their employees with the most accurate menu of local fitness studios and gyms. He began looking for a mapping application that would give him the capability to visualize networks and analyze distance between locations. Andre considered several mapping solutions but ultimately found what he was looking for with Mapline.
“We wanted to be more organized and strategic when it comes to getting on the road and planning our travels.”
  • Customized Account Found New Opportunities
    Mapline’s simplicity, dedicated customer service team, and powerful distance mapping tool immediately hooked Andre on the mapping software. With Mapline’s distance grid, Andre could upload his data, digitally map zip codes and produce clear, eye-catching territory maps. What was once impossible to visualize in a spreadsheet now came to life on an easy-to-read map. In fact, Mapline’s customized account not only helped Andre dive deeper into his employer programs but also optimized company travel and found new fitness studio partnership opportunities for his sales team.
  • Distance Analysis Has Led to More Accurate Decision-Making
    Analyzing distance on a map gives Andre the power to examine how far employees are from surrounding studios and gyms. With this knowledge, Peerfit can dive deep into the classes and activities offered at nearby studios and gyms, and build wellness program tiers that are customized by employees’ interests, needs and driving time. Distance and geographical relevance has also helped fine-tune Peerfit’s pricing generator, giving Andre’s team the ability to provide more accurate quotes to clients.
  • Mapline Has Helped Make Sales Travel Smarter
    Features such as overlay territory boundaries and heat maps help Andre and his team gain insights into their territories. Overlaying zip codes, states, and counties provides the Peerfit sales team with a visual representation of gyms and studios. Segmenting and analyzing each territory supports the team’s efforts to travel efficiently by cutting back on wear and tear, fatigue, and overspending.
  • Visualizing Network Coverage Has Grown Client Partnerships
    In addition to improving sales travel and employer programs, Mapline is helping Peerfit grow its studio partner business by providing a deeper understanding of the network coverage offered to clients. Instead of guessing which areas in Dallas, Texas, need more fitness studios, Andre now uses Mapline’s radial heat mapping tool. This feature color codes densely populated and sparsely populated areas, giving Andre visibility into areas with growth opportunity. He can share his findings with sales team members, arming them with powerful, visual data and helping them pursue more strategic partnerships to meet client needs.

“Our distance analysis was nonexistent before using Mapline. It’s added a high-touch value to our prospective customers with hard numbers to base decisions on.”

The Results

Since purchasing Mapline, Andre has boosted his location accuracy to provide stronger data-driven fitness options to clients.
Mapline’s features have positioned Peerfit for client growth, internal team efficiency, and increased partnerships. Since using Mapline, Peerfit has been able to provide more accurate, personalized fitness studio recommendations to strengthen its employer program initiatives and connect employees with an optimal array of local health and fitness choices.
“We’ve been able to dive deeper to find which areas we would like to grow and prioritize, which informs larger project plans when implementing wellness programs for our clients.”