HR Mapping Software

A company is only as successful as its employees allow it to be. If your employees are happy, then you can expect them to work harder and more effectively. Give your HR team all of the tools they need in order to make life easier on your employees. Mapline can help them if they are finding offices that are in the best possible place, or if they are choosing benefits packages based off of more than just their features.

Find optimal office location
Combine your employees’ addresses with all of the offices that you are looking to relocate to in order to find the best possible place. Make the best decision with regard to price and distance to avoid your employees having to either relocate or commute for hours.
Choose the best benefits packages
Benefits packages can be the deciding factor between two jobs. Add more value on your benefits packages so you won’t lose great people in your company. Utilize distances, coverage, and segmenting along with your employee data to know which benefits are most valuable.

Unleash the power of your data today!