Map Wholesaler, Distribution, and Delivery Routes

For a distributor mapping solution that saves time and can make your job much easier, Mapline’s GIS mapping software offers features that can shave hours off the task of balancing distributor routes. If you’re currently using a tool that only allows you to view single addresses at any given time, or especially if your process is a manual one, you’ll be excited to learn how Mapline can bring clarity to your operations.

Visualizing the Bigger Picture with Mapline’s Distributor Mapping

When you create a map from Excel data with Mapline, you can view great quantities of data in an easily digestible format within seconds. This is especially useful for manufacturers and distributors to work on creating the most optimal routes for getting products to end users. Upload your list of distribution centers or drivers along with destination addresses, whether individual customers or retail store locations. You’ll then be able to see different colored pins for each type of location. Using the network coverage feature is one way to get a quick and clear picture of how many customers are located within the specified radius of each driver or distribution center.

Color Coding for Wholesale Distribution Mapping

Many decisions on routing can be made easily based on network coverage. For those instances that are more nuanced, such as if the radius of two distribution centers overlaps, you can add color coding for each driver and route to clarify further. For regularly scheduled deliveries, you’re able to dig deeper and create a symbol or numbering system to designate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or other regular schedules. To streamline your mapping process into a simple visual format, check out Mapline’s features and pricing to decide on the best plan for you. You can also contact us with any questions about how our mapping software can work for you.